Monday, June 13, 2022

Remembering (Restak -- The Complete Guide to Memory)

I read books about the brain often because I find the brain fascinating and because Alzheimer's runs in my family. Before I even requested this ARC from NetGalley, I researched author Restak -- this would be Dr. Restak, well-known neurologist and neuropsychiatrist, professor, and author of many books. Restak and his book did not disappoint me. Five stars from me.

The book is grounded solidly in research, but it is not difficult to read. I like knowing where various thoughts, memories, and actions originate in the specific parts of the brain. I know other readers do not. Restak occasionally names the various parts of the brain; however, he does not do it every time. His research is current (as current as one's publication dates allow) because I know of some of the researchers and their research discussed in this book (e.g. Alia Crum). 

What did I feel Restak brought to the table? Research into memory and the brain is an absolute must have, yet I can get that from podcasts. Restak weaves together historical background, quotes from literary fiction, and case studies into his research with descriptive and imaginative language -- all of which applies  what has been learned thus far about memory. Included in the chapters are practical exercises and ideas to try. My husband and I both took the "Is My Memory Functioning Normally" quiz.  

I read this comprehensive book from June 1 to June 5, ending up with 37 bookmarks. I need the actual book in my hands and on my bookshelves, so I will be purchasing my own physical copy. Thanks to NetGalley and Skyhorse Publishing for this ARC.

Re: 52 Books in 52 Weeks? This is actually my 53rd book. I hope to fill you all in on the previous 52 soon. 

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